Vintage – Good Game

I was just remembering Environmental Law and what a great class that was.  She went all out for us.  On Halloween she really did us right.  I may not be exceptional math student but I wouldn’t trade 999 days for one day in Rosemary’s class.

Thank you, Rosemary.  Good game!



Vintage – Real Courage

It didn’t take me long to figure out that professional tennis was a tough gig.  Tennis is a meritocracy that brutally cuts the field in half with each round, so if I wanted to see all my players, I had to do a lot of moving around in the first and second rounds.  ~ Fritz Glaus

My nephew Garret’s football team came in 2nd in the championship game today.  Unfortunately this was not one that could be blamed on the officials.

Truth be told I have a very hard time watching football.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate the hard work and the effort they put into it.  Nor is it the fact that I was never able to play.  It’s just something I never acquired a taste for.

I didn’t eat green vegetables untill I was sixteen and the only reason I did it was to impress a girl that I was out on a date with.  But after a few dates I really loved to eat my green vegetables.  Thanks Heather!

I’m so proud of my nephew and his family.  My big brother is pretty cool and laidback.  Even if they’d have won it wouldn’t have mattered much to me.  To me it was a personal victory because I got up the courage to go even when I didn’t feel like it.  Kind of like eating green vegetables.

A good friend of mine Renea said something one time I hope I’ll never forget.  She said, “It’s better to come back than to get back.”  Garret has a stout heart and a good attitude.  Whatever life throws at him I believe he will have the courage to come back.

As for me maybe I’ll get up the courage to go ice skating again.  Sure would be a great come back.


Travis Paul Dickerson



Vintage Part 2 Thumbs Up

“Thumbs up dad!”

Berrybrook Farms is a family owned establishment owned and operated by Dan Jacks.  Serving the Charlotte community for forty years it is well worth it’s reputation.  Quality and great service.

I heard the tofu dogs are out of the ballpark.




This morning I awoke to a dream that has burning in my heart for nearly as long as I can remember.  Which is a very long time.

I didn’t exactly jump out of bed and start singing and dancing.  But I did something which is unusal for me.   I didn’t follow a set of blueprints for how my day ought to go.  Today I let my desire take over.

There is a line from a great book which pretty much sums it up.

“Old Toby.  The finest weed in the Southfarthing!”  Bilbo Baggins The Fellowship of the Ring.

Something tells me this is going to be a good night.

Grand Slam

I’m definitely not the writer that Fritz Glaus is.  By far one of the most humble guys you’ll ever meet.  Fritz Glaus is now the undefeated record holder for the most number of books ever sold at the US Open.  His new biograph Love Game took the 2012 US Open by storm.

I’m not even in the same class as Fritz when it comes to writing.  I wouldn’t mind carrying his bag for him when he goes to Wimbledon though!

Check out


Travis D

Short and Powerful

A short and powerful message that I hope blesses you.

People who are always looking for creative ways to enhance the quality of their landscape should consider adding one of these.

Not only will it attract finches and other birds to feed it will provide hours of worry free entertainment.

Speaking of worry free check out .  She’s an expert in the field of emotional and physical healing.  She’s also a regular blogger and posts often.

By Grace,

Travis P Dickerson

Soft Melodies

American farmers haven’t gotten alot of good news lately.  With rainfall down across the states it’s not looking like a record yield this year.

This article might help soften the blow.  Written by a fellow North Carolinian.  🙂


By Grace,

Travis Paul Dickerson

Alternative Transportation

The city of Charlotte has a pretty decent system of alternative transportation.  I was pleasantly surprised by how simple it was to take the bus from my home in Southeast Charlotte to my place of employment on East Boulevard.  Not only was the journey simple, safe and practical it was also affordable.  

And did I mention it was user friendly?  


If I wanted to attract attention I would probably call this blog Alternative Transportation for Dummies.  But one good experience after another with  CATS (Charlotte Alternative Transportation System) has me pretty much convinced that the only dummies are the people who haven’t bought into it yet. 

Yours truly was such a person.  For years I paid lip service to the concept of alternative transportation but never once did I do the unthinkable and ride the bus.  I probably never would have had my car not broken down, so I’m thankful that it happened. 

I’m thankful that my God is bigger than a busted fuel pump and can get me safely from point A to point B. 


By Grace,

Travis P Dickerson


Hunger Pangs

From the humanitarian standpoint the recent famine in East Africa is worse than a nightmare because a nightmare ends when one wakes up.  The reality is that while I sit in my kitchen eating an egg sandwich on whole wheat bread and a bowl of cream of wheat people are actually starving to death.  And they don’t know where or when their next meal is coming from.

  • The number of people living in countries where cultivated land is critically scarce is projected to increase from 448 million in 2005 to between 559 million and 706 million in 2025.  ~ Compassion International

What a hard place to be in.  The government of those poor countries may or may not be the best in the world.  Maybe they have made some bad decisions in terms of land management but who hasn’t?

Maybe the pictures speak loudly enough themselves.  Maybe the only horn that needs to be blown on this one is the sound of compassion.

Compassion International is an agency that helps children in impoverished areas by providing food, clothing, shelter, education and the hope of eternal life, in the name of Jesus.

Second Season

Skeletons in the closet? 

Victoria appears to have the picture perfect life.  The perfect house, the perfect family, the perfect yacht. 

And then Emily shows up.  The Hamptons will never be the same. 

What’s going on in the cozy New England community? 

Catch the second season of REVENGE