Vintage – Great Teacher

by travispauld

Second semester of Organic Chemistry.  My professor lit a fire under me one day about 2/3rds of the way through the semester.  Prepping us for an exam he looked straight at me and asked me the answer to a very complex equation he was writing on the board.

I answered him by saying I don’t have a clue.  He responded by throwing his marker at me and basically told me that I had absolutely no business being in his class and that I was a complete waste of time.

He was right.  The truth was I could barely keep my mind off of Melissa.  She looked so good in a pair of tight jeans and a sweater.  The only reason I had stuck the class out thus far was to try and win her heart.

Now this cold-hearted, twisted college professor had made me look like a complete fool in front of the whole class.   I was cold busted that day and I went out of there with a purpose.  I was going to do whatever it took to prove him wrong.

That was the most intense cramming session I ever went through.  I was up for several days.  I worked and reworked every equation till I could take it apart forward and back.

Just before the exam I was in the study hall and in walked Melissa hanging on every word of a guy who was on his way to the school of dentistry.  This guy was very cool but I have to admit being around somebody who actually has a photographic memory can be very humbling.  I remember him asking me if I smoked weed before the exam.  They both giggled.

The exam was scheduled for 1 in the afternoon and the class normally was over at 5.  But he gave us the option to stay as long as we needed.  I remember it took all of four hours and then some, so when I finally walked out I was completely and thoroughly whipped.  Thankfully it was Friday afternoon and I had nothing to do that weekend.

I never will forget that day he gave back our exams.  It almost killed him to hand back my test and announce that I had gotten the highest grade in the class.  I was shocked!

But not nearly as shocked as he was when he reviewed the questions.  I was the only student who managed to solve the methamphetamine problem.

I guess that’s why Dr. Julius Marigold will always go down as one of my favorite teachers of all time!


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