Vintage – Proclamation

by travispauld

Cyrus issued a proclamation that gave the Jews freedom to go up and build a temple in Jerusalem.  (Ezra 1:2-4)

I’m sure there were many who thought he was being blasphemous.  Who was he to tell the Jews what they could do?  Who did this pagan king think he was?

Ezra doesn’t record the motivation God used on Xerxes to move his heart.  Maybe it was a pile driver.  Maybe it was the figure-four submission.  Or maybe it was the dreaded death by chocolate chip cookies.  It probably was omitted for a reason.

But I’m sure there were alot of warm fuzzies as well.  Wouldn’t you be a bit excited if you had grown up under an oppressive regime and treated like hostages?  Wouldn’t you be gung ho about being in the hostage release?

Yes I’m sure there were some who questioned his motives.  But there were likely some (Jews as well as gentiles) were very impressed by the new undisputed heavyweight.

It definitely makes for an interesting story.

Happy Thanksgiving.