Month: September, 2012

Grand Slam

I’m definitely not the writer that Fritz Glaus is.  By far one of the most humble guys you’ll ever meet.  Fritz Glaus is now the undefeated record holder for the most number of books ever sold at the US Open.  His new biograph Love Game took the 2012 US Open by storm.

I’m not even in the same class as Fritz when it comes to writing.  I wouldn’t mind carrying his bag for him when he goes to Wimbledon though!

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Travis D


Short and Powerful

A short and powerful message that I hope blesses you.

People who are always looking for creative ways to enhance the quality of their landscape should consider adding one of these.

Not only will it attract finches and other birds to feed it will provide hours of worry free entertainment.

Speaking of worry free check out .  She’s an expert in the field of emotional and physical healing.  She’s also a regular blogger and posts often.

By Grace,

Travis P Dickerson

Soft Melodies

American farmers haven’t gotten alot of good news lately.  With rainfall down across the states it’s not looking like a record yield this year.

This article might help soften the blow.  Written by a fellow North Carolinian.  🙂


By Grace,

Travis Paul Dickerson