Month: August, 2012

Alternative Transportation

The city of Charlotte has a pretty decent system of alternative transportation.  I was pleasantly surprised by how simple it was to take the bus from my home in Southeast Charlotte to my place of employment on East Boulevard.  Not only was the journey simple, safe and practical it was also affordable.  

And did I mention it was user friendly?  


If I wanted to attract attention I would probably call this blog Alternative Transportation for Dummies.  But one good experience after another with  CATS (Charlotte Alternative Transportation System) has me pretty much convinced that the only dummies are the people who haven’t bought into it yet. 

Yours truly was such a person.  For years I paid lip service to the concept of alternative transportation but never once did I do the unthinkable and ride the bus.  I probably never would have had my car not broken down, so I’m thankful that it happened. 

I’m thankful that my God is bigger than a busted fuel pump and can get me safely from point A to point B. 


By Grace,

Travis P Dickerson



Hunger Pangs

From the humanitarian standpoint the recent famine in East Africa is worse than a nightmare because a nightmare ends when one wakes up.  The reality is that while I sit in my kitchen eating an egg sandwich on whole wheat bread and a bowl of cream of wheat people are actually starving to death.  And they don’t know where or when their next meal is coming from.

  • The number of people living in countries where cultivated land is critically scarce is projected to increase from 448 million in 2005 to between 559 million and 706 million in 2025.  ~ Compassion International

What a hard place to be in.  The government of those poor countries may or may not be the best in the world.  Maybe they have made some bad decisions in terms of land management but who hasn’t?

Maybe the pictures speak loudly enough themselves.  Maybe the only horn that needs to be blown on this one is the sound of compassion.

Compassion International is an agency that helps children in impoverished areas by providing food, clothing, shelter, education and the hope of eternal life, in the name of Jesus.

Second Season

Skeletons in the closet? 

Victoria appears to have the picture perfect life.  The perfect house, the perfect family, the perfect yacht. 

And then Emily shows up.  The Hamptons will never be the same. 

What’s going on in the cozy New England community? 

Catch the second season of REVENGE


Spiritually Malnourished

Got thirteen channels of shit on the T.V. to choose from.”  ~ Pink Floyd Nobody Home

Don’t get me wrong I’m not here to disrespect TV.

Sat down for dinner last night and the conversation was all about the green easy chair blues.  Know what I mean?

Books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, video games…etc…  An endless variety of choices and yet contentment is an elusive concept.  I checked today and I have six items on loan from the public library and four of them have hardly been opened.  They’ve been collecting dust for three weeks.

I wanted to be prepared so that on my day off I’d have plenty to occupy my time.  Turns out that I needed a day off from all the stuff that I thought would help me occupy my time.  I needed time with the only thing that can truly fill an empty soul.

No, I’m not talking about beef jerky!

Being a victorious Christian doesn’t mean you never have weak moments.  Sometimes stopping to have a cookie or a bag of popcorn is the wisest thing you can do, if it will keep you from bottoming out any further.

I had just just such an experience last week and I’m happy to tell you, I enjoyed every last stinking moment of it.

Guilt?  None whatsoever.  But had I stayed there very much longer I would have missed the bus.  If you’re going to get up early enough to catch the bus you need something a little bit more substantial than beef jerky.

I’m talking about bread. 

Everybody knows you can’t make a sandwich without bread but nobody ever stops to think about where the bread came from.

Voila!  Fresh baked bread.  100% Whole Wheat.

Speaking of bread if you are feeling the least bit spiritually malnourished you should check out

By Grace,

Travis Paul Dickerson


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